Hotellit Helsinki

Helsinki hotels offer various types of accommodation. For some travellers the most important thing is to find an inexpensive or even a cheap hotel, and the other visitors only demand the most luxurious accommodation in the best areas of the city. In the centre of Helsinki you can find many budget "self-service" hotels (such as Omenahotelli) as well as quite a few fancy hotels (such as Hotel Kämp and Hotel Haven). The elegant boutique hotels offer special experiences (such as Klaus K. or Fabian). Cheaper budget hotels are normally quite modest, yet very often clean and comfy with less services. Hotels with higher standards have nice restaurants, gym and spa services, etc. The majority of the travellers are looking for the best value for their money, then the most popular choices are often the hotel chains (such as Sokos Hotels, Cumulus Hotels, Radisson Hotels, Holiday Inn Hotels).

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